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Fishing in the most beautiful place in Gambia. In the Jungle Beach Resort on the Paradise Beach in Sanyang.

In recent years, fishermen from around the world have discovered that the Gambia also offers great opportunities for sport fishing.

Red snapper, catfish, lady fish, butter fish, barracuda, cassava, Ray, Tuna (seasonal), Threadfin Salmon

Transport – Taxis

Tour operators use comfortable, air-conditioned coaches for their transfers and off-road vehicles for their trips.

For those who like to go on tour on their own or in small groups, there are several taxi services available in the Gambia. (more…)

Video Jungle Beach Resort


                        Enjoy the sun on the Paradise beach during your holidays

                                                               Welcome to The Gambia

Drumming and dancing at one of the most beautiful places in West Africa: In Jungle Beach Holiday Resort Sanyang/The Gambia.

Special Offer – All Inclusive

Enjoy the sun – Welcome to The Gambia

Offer is valid till 31.May.2020

All Inclusive (Double Room):
14 days all inclusive in the Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang.
Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang


The climate in the Gambia is tropical with a pronounced rainy season and dry season.

The dry season lasts from the months of November to May, it is influenced by the dry northeast wind from the Sahara called the Harmattan. The temperature is rising here at between 21 ° and 27 ° Celsius, relative humidity is between 30 and 60 percent.


Workshops at one of the most beautiful places in West Africa:Jungle Beach Holiday Resort in Sanyang/Gambia.

Learning under palm trees, overlooking the sea under the African sun.


Why Gambia

Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa. The crime rate is almost at zero.

Only a few hours from Europe, is the smallest country in Africa.

From November 2011,there will be direct flight from Frankfurt / Main with the Condor airline.

Getting there

The Jungle Beach Resort Holiday Sanyang lies in south-west of the Gambia. Directly on the sandy beach of the Paradise Beach near the town of Sanyang.

On request, we will be happy to pick you from the airport.
or we will arrange you a taxi transfer. (more…)


Sanyang, with its approximately 6,000 inhabitants is in the district of Kombo South in Gambia, West Africa. The gorgeous, beautiful and not overflowing beach, is very ideal for a swim.

Sanyang in southern Gambia at the Paradise Beach