Enjoy the sun on the Paradise beach during your holidays

                                                               Welcome to The Gambia

Drumming and dancing at one of the most beautiful places in West Africa: In Jungle Beach Holiday Resort Sanyang/The Gambia.

The following opportunities/ services are available:
* Drum or dance lessons with professional artists.
* fantastic accommodation right on the beach
* witness traditional ceremonies in the villages
* Drum Making and Repair

The members ofMama Limbo Cultural Group have many years of teaching experience. They also perform in traditional ceremonies (like birth, marriages) .

They have various knowledge in the different styles of drum rhythms of the region (Senegal, Mali and Guinea) and the associated dances. They also provide extensive background information.

Classes are offered at levels from beginners to experts, held in small groups or individual instructions.

As a beginner, you collect some experience on the djembe and bass drums.
If you have prior knowledge, you can enhance your skills and learn many new rhythms.

As a professional or semi-professional : play and learn in the full ensemble and accompany the group on their performances.
You can study the art of dance accompaniment and learning how to build drums and repaires

Drumming & Dancing – all offered at the Atlantic coast for 14 days in the Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang..:
* 14 days in one of the most beautiful areas of West Africa.
* 10 days 2 hours a day teaching.
* Original performances with the band

Booking number: SF2011DJ

Preis per Person Per Room:
Eur 590,00   (Plus €100,00 for Double Room).

Airport Transfer
Half Board incl typical local lunch
Ask about our customized tours to the most beautiful places in Gambia
All services are provided from the airport Banjul.