Why Gambia

Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa. The crime rate is almost at zero.

Only a few hours from Europe, is the smallest country in Africa.

From November 2011,there will be direct flight from Frankfurt / Main with the Condor airline.

A temperate climate during the season from October to May, ensures a pleasant stay in Gambia’s western coast. Nature lovers appreciate the rainy season from June to September, during this time, the nature unfolds in all its glory.

Especially here in the south of Gambia single women never have problems. Gambia is the best travel destination for singles..

The population is very open and friendly to tourists. We however, like to note that The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Tolerance is the top priority! The customs and habits of the inhabitants is not comparable with European standards – but the warmth and openness of the populace is unparalleled.

How are you? what’s your name? – Lets in!
You will find many new friends.

Everywhere is: NO PROBLEM! – So be relaxed and enjoy the best weeks of your life in the “Smiling Coast”