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Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang

Welcome to the Paradise Beach in the south of Gambia.
.. And experience the magic of the place!

Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang

The Jungle Beach Resort  is an environmentally friendly Holiday resort, which offers the luxury of a beach resort and the adventure of a jungle resort.

Far from the mainstream hotels, your experience here will be pure Gambia without sacrificing amenities.

Relax on the miles of  sandy beaches and let all the daily stress in life go by.

Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang

The unique service of the Jungle Beach Holiday Resort will inspire you, the expansive beach in the picturesque bay will impress you, the unique facility, exquisite cuisine and the breathtaking forest of the Jungle Palm Beach will enchant you.

One thing is absolutely incredible: The magic of this place.

Jungle Beach Holiday Resort is the perfect place to relax on the beach or take jungle walks and bird watching.

We will spoil you with local and continental dishes and you will be entertained with cultural music and dance, in which you are encourage to voluntarily participate.

Our guest rooms are directly on the fine sandy beaches, ideal for a pleasant vacation.

We organize seminers, daily trips and multi-day tours for individuals or groups.

Jungle Beach Resort Sanyang Zimmer

The Jungle Beach Holiday Resort team is looking forward to your visit.